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Gratuate Education


      The School of Electrical Engineering is supported by two first-level disciplines, Electrical Engineering and Control Science and Engineering. The postgraduate education has good practical conditions. The Master's education aims at essential-quality-oriented education of high-level specialists. The Doctor's education aims at culturing leading experts in the industry who are able to guide and promote the development of discipline, organize and implement relative  scientific and engineering projects, and possess the potential in international competitions.

      The School of Electrical Engineering possesses a large number of postgraduate tutors which are influential in international and domestic area, represented by Academician of The Chinese Academy of Engineering, the National "Thousand Talent Plan" Distinguished Visiting Professors, State Renowned Teachers and well-known academic leaders in the field, as well as many excellent scientific research teams. There are 25 doctor supervisors, 35 professors, 95 master supervisors. The postgraduate scholarships covers up to 80% of the students, including more than 10 kinds of special scholarships such as the Siemens Scholarship, the Kaiyou Scholarship, the Hewang Scholarship, etc.. The employment rate of graduates reaches 100% every year with high quality.


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